I have recently rediscovered my love of art.  This semester has been super crazy, but I believe it is important to maintain hobbies in order to break up the stress and monotony of just going to class and studying.  I decided to pull out my old watercolors, and, well, things just took off from there!


I have been using a combination of books and youtube videos to learn new techniques, and then I am taking those techniques and applying them to my own ideas.  I find that painting is a lot like playing an instrument.  While there is some intuition involved, most of it is just learning the “rules” and techniques and executing them properly.  The more you practice, the better you get.


I am using a Strathmore watercolor journal to practice and learn techniques, and then doing some of my “nicer” paintings on an Arches 9×12 watercolor block. It seems to be a really good system for me.


I decided I wanted some of my paintings on things like mugs and throw pillows, and so I have created a Redbubble shop and a Society6 shop for this purpose.  I am also using these shops as a fundraising effort for my husband’s Iron Man Arizona.  All the profits that I make will be donated directly to Smile Train, which pays for children born with cleft palates to get the surgery they need.  Just $250 provides one child with this surgery, so it’s a wonderful cause.  To learn more about this cause, or if you would rather make a direct donation towards my husband’s fundraising efforts, please go here.


I am really happy with this art stuff, and if it weren’t for the painting, there are times when I would have felt completely overwhelmed with this semester.  Especially since…here’s some more news…I’ve decided not ONLY to get the Psychology degree, but I have added on a Chemistry major as well.  So things are definitely getting very busy for me!


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